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  • No project to exhibit currently .


  • THE Scorched Earth


  • A Duo Exhibition / Painting and Embroidery / Project (Iran 1) / Hashtcheshmeh / Kashan -Iran / April and May 2022
  • Solo exhibition (plastic painting)/ vista Gallery,Tehran,Iran, 2020.
  • Solo-online exhibition (Pathetic Sonata),Tehran,Iran,2020.
  • Participation in performance (Saeed is an Arabic word that is used as a special name in Farsi) / Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, Central Branch,Tehran,Iran, 2019.
  • Participation in group exhibition (Afarinesh (Creation)) / Palestine Museum of Contemporary Art,Tehran,Iran,2018.
  • Participation in a short film (Paria), directed by Seyed Mehdi Aghili /Tehran,Iran, 2018.
  • Participation in the performance (Pashide (Scattered)) by Gelareh Reyhani and Soroush Karimi / Public parking of Iran Wood Industries Building,Tehran,Iran, 2017.
  • Participation in performance art (Khaneye Rooberooyi (The Opposite House) by Alireza Ashouri / RooBeRoo Mansion, Tehran,Iran,2017.
  • Participation in workshops and performance art (Manzel be Manzel (house to house)) by Gael Chaillat and Ramona Poenaru/ 36th Fajr International Theater Festival, Tehran,Iran,2017.
  • Solo installation exhibition (Vacuum Bag)/ Vista Plus Gallery,Tehran,Iran, 2017.
  • Participation in performance art (Zani dar Entehaye Ghazal (A woman at the end of the lyric)) by Leila Aghasi, Soheila Tayebi and Sahar Afshar / Niavaran Cultural Center,Tehran,Iran, 2015.
  • Participation in the theater (Sarzamine Nabinayan (Land of the Blind)) by Mahdie Shadmehr / Manshoor-e Honar Art Creation Center, Parviz Fanizade Theater,Tehran,Iran, 2015.
  • Solo installation exhibition (Inja Daghighan Nime Shab Ast (This Is Exactly Midnight) / Zarna Gallery,Tehran,Iran, 2014.
  • Participation in performance (Sahneye Akhar (The Last Scene) by Mahdie Shadmehr / Zarna Gallery,Tehran,Iran, 2014.
  • Solo exhibition (Chasb-e Razi (Razi glue)), Drawing and Installation / Zarna Gallery,Tehran,Iran, 2013.
  • Group video performance exhibition (Zolpidem) / Sheila Gallery,Tehran,Iran, 2012.
  • Solo exhibition (Yek Rooz, Yek Tajrobe (One Day, One Experience)), Drawing/ Farhad Gavzan Drawing House,Tehran,Iran, 2012.
  • Making a theater film (Havali-e Makhraj-e Sefr (Around the Zero Denominator)) / played at Gavzan Drawing House,Tehran,Iran, 2011-2012.
  • Participation in a one-day workshop (Drawing) Farhad Gavzan Drawing House /Shams Al-Amara Palace, Tehran,Iran,2011.
  • Participation in performance (Paykubi-e Asbha, Posht-e Panjare (Horses Stomp at the Window)) by Hadi Kamali Moghadam / Vahdat Hall Parking,Tehran,Iran, 2011.
  • Group Exhibition (Drawing) / Farhad Gavzan Drawing House,Tehran,Iran, 2011.
  • Performing Art Performance (Che Azadihayi ke Bekhater-e Nan be Yaghma Naraft va Che Nanhayi ke Bekhater-e Azadi (Freedoms that were Looted for Bread, and Bread Looted for Freedom)) / near Payam-Karaj Airport, Iran,2010.
  • Installation performance (Enteza dar Hayet-e Khane (Abstraction in the Yard)) / Residential yard, Tehran,Iran,2010.
  • Photo collection (Ghaedegi (The Menstruation)),Tehran,Iran,2009.