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Manzel be Manzel (House to House)

“Castles in the air” is the name of a theater and multimedia company founded in 2012 in Strasbourg. France, by “Ramona Poenaru”, multimedia artist and performer, and “Gaël Chaillat”, actor and director. Founding this company was inspired by the ideas and experiences of a naturalist philosopher and the american anarchist “Henry David Thoreau”. This project is also one of the steps of Thoreau’s movements. The company’s projects are largely based on audiences’ or people’s partnerships.

      “Manzel be Manzel (House to House) is a play from France, directed by Gaël Chaillat and accompanied by Ramona Poenaru’s videos. It was performed in the off-stage section of the 36th Fajr International Theater Festival. This project was performed as an installation in the Book Garden and I participated in this project as a performer.

Razieh Aarabi