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Havali-e Makhraj-e Sefr (Around the Zero Denominator)

The main reason for my fascination with art was watching television theater films when I was a child and it made me more and more interested in itself. I can say I was fascinated by watching those unique works and completely forget the passage of time. Perhaps for this reason, the idea of constructing “Around the Zero Dominator’ which its main idea comes from theater, came to my mind and was produced.

     A fifteen-minute art in which the atmosphere is suspended between video and theater and it cannot be explicitly called a theater, video art or even a short film. “Around the Zero Denominator” is formed by the presence of two, male and female characters in five long sequences which narrates no particular story and only focuses on the present moment and what is happening in it. On the other hand, no music or word are heard in the work. And only sound effects break the silence in a few moments and doesn’t allow the scene to be silent.

Razieh Aarabi