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Pathetic Sonata

Exhibition photos

It’s better to point out at first that I have been concerned with “design” from the very beginning when I seriously involved in the art world, but not in the context and framework that was academically defined for design. I would like to put my thought into action without the use of visual pleasures, in fact I have to say that the purpose and context of all the collections, including the forthcoming collection, shows this long-standing concern.

     The main idea of this collection came to my mind in 2018 and continued until the beginning of 2020 until the performance was completed and the show was ready. In fact, I was involved in this collection for almost two years.

     The Kleenex became the design paper, the needles worked as the pen and the strings were my mental designs. The sonata is usually composed in two or four movements, all on the same key. But they have different themes. And the following collection is a sonata that I played solo and individually in my life; but of a pathetic (sad) kind.

     In several years, the sadness (pathetic) gripped me like any other person and made me look more at the Kleenex. In several years, I suffered a sharp pain and it recurred; like a needle which injures you or you injure yourself with or press it on a key, but with a different theme and this sorrow and pain were sewn together, tangled to the extent of their comes and goes. Just like a piece of aimless sewing on the wall. And this was the most synchronous and the most meaningful name I could choose.