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Sarzamine Nabinayan (The land of the Blind)

Many years ago, a landslide in Ecuador caused an imaginary mountain to collapse, and made an enclosed valley which separates its inhabitants from the rest of the land. The years passed by and these people, away from wild animals, diseases and war, start to have a happy life by forgetting the tragedy caused by the earthquake. Of all the calamities, their only disaster is a mysterious disease that befalls them. Their babies are born blind, and the young are going blind. Nothing like vision is meaningful for them now.

      Accidently one day, a mountaineer falls from the top of the mountain and miraculously survives by rolling down in the snow on the mountain, but eventually finds himself in the land of the blinds. A land where its people think the world is as small as their own valley and has a roof as high as a few men standing on each other’s shoulder.  They sleep the day and work at night…

      The looks that are covered with understanding the truth until the reflection of familiar voices deafens the ear and let them all consider the axes of their misguided disbelief as a way. This is the land of the blinds; the only way in is to fall. To fall from the top of thought.

Mahdie Shadmehr


and I participated in this project as an actor.

Razieh Aarabi