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The Final Scene

The performance of “the Final Scene”, based on a play by “The House of Bernarda Alba” written by Federico Garcia Lorca, follows the reconstructed events of the text which is the story of an extremist mother who locks her five daughter at home and they have to live just like their mother’s orders. The younger girl falls in love with a young man and is the victim of the barriers and commits suicide. The last scene is the continuation of this family’s life which goes on in the same way as before, despite the death of the youngest member.

     The final scene is a picture of an unfinished end, repeated endings, limited in the the black and white borders of the mind. The shroud-colored walls traps the seconds in itself and counts the breath. People in the shape of a frame with the desire to mix the shadows from the past and far away. Without the past, without the present and without the future, dreams only breathe. Dreams to be hidden in the pockets and sleeves.

Mahdie Shadmehr


and I participated in this project as an actor.

Razieh Aarabi