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Zani dar Entehaye Ghazal (A woman at the end of the lyric)

The installation-performance of “Zani dar Entehaye Ghazal” presents a different photography in a conceptual installation with the female theme. This installation uses a form of a forty-piece skirt which is a metaphor for the art of the women in our country, and symbolically presents the subject and makes the women to get aware of themselves. With an audience-oriented approach, this work also shares the experiences of yesterday, today and tomorrows of the contemporary woman like a heritage which inherits from the past to the future. And for even a short time in a four-hour non-stop performance, I appreciated the presence of the audiences.

     The work is presented in three different chapters, the first of which is called “Childhood Nostalgia”, the second of which is called “Contemporary Woman” and the third of which is called “The Merciful Creator”. The title “Zani dar Entehaye Ghazal” has been extracted from the collection of “Mard-e bi-Mored” by Mohammad Saeed Mirzaei; from the poem of “A woman who came from Hafez and reached us, a woman who is always at the end of the Lyric.”

Razieh Aarabi


and I participated in this project as a performer.

Razieh Aarabi