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Paykubi-e Asbha, Posht-e Panjare (Horses Stomp at the Window)

The performance of “Horses stomp at the window” is an interdisciplinary theatrical-performance project consisting of a play, installation, music, film, design, optical space, and robotic industry, and it is based on the play “Horses at the Window” by Matei Vișniec.

     “Kamali Moghadam” designed the project with the help of “Mina Bozorgmehr”, the project’s artistic designer, and performed it by rewriting the text based on the sound atmosphere and the music performance of “Farshad Fazuni”, who is a musician and composer. The performers were the other members of this interdisciplinary performance.

     Sara Sajjadi, Mehdi Turkman, Mehrdad Hamrahi, Amir Hossein Pakravan, Payam Hajbabaei, Zhubin Askarie, Darya Mohebalian were the actors of this performance, and some designers from Farhad Gavzan Design House, Tehran Carnival Visual Group and Zahedan Robotics students helped the executive team. I participated in this project on behalf of Farhad Gavzan Design house as a drawer and performer.

Razieh Aarabi