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Enteza dar Hayet-e Knane (Abstraction in the Yard)

Over the years of designing, the line became the most important element in my work. As much as I thought the drawing paper was not enough to include all those lines in my mind. As I increased the size of my papers, the lines got longer and longer and more complex, and what was in my mind didn’t fit on the paper. I needed to think of a way for the invade of all those lines and scratches. So I thought of installation and I believed my hand and my mind would be more free in this way.

     Finally, in a day and night I unloaded everything in the yard of my father’s house out of my mind. It was almost black everywhere, like my sketching papers. But the next day, the winter whitened all the lines or washed all the blacks. The role of the nature in this installation is very powerful and I’m still thinking where else could I draw my lines other than the sketching papers.

Razieh Aarabi