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Khaneye Rooberooyi (The Opposite House)

Human’s entrance to the new world, industrialization growth and man’s engagement in this environment, has effects on his attitude toward the world and his relationship with other people. You can find these effects as you can see the importance of technology, industry and its important role in human’s life. In fact, with a little more attention, it can be claimed that the industry in today’s world dominates human being. People unknowingly are being controlled with a hidden power.

     One of its consequences is “objectification” or in other words “puppet being”. The result of society’s point of view on human being, both in the past and in the modern world, is his transformation into a complete materialistic creature and his change into a neutral and ineffective presence in the society, which evokes a creature similar to a “mannequin”.

Alireza Ashoori


and I participated in this project as an art advisor and performer.

Razieh Aarabi