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Freedoms that were Looted for Bread, and Bread Looted for Freedom

Che Azadihayi ke Bekhater-e Nan be Yaghma Naraft va Che Nanhayi ke Bekhater-e Azadi (Freedoms that were Looted for Bread, and Bread Looted for Freedom)

This work was my first experience in Performance Art.

     One of the fundamental concept of mankind, “freedom” is degenerating and collapsing more and more at the present period. Many people, despite their inner desire and sometimes completely voluntarily deny their freedom as a human being to get more bread, and some people, on the contrary, close their eyes to bread gaining or more bread to have, so they can save their freedom in this game. “judgment” is not the matter of this performance, put the extend of this “standing” (tolerance). How long? to where?

     This work was performed at a desert near Karaj’s Payam Airport without the presence of the audiences. A place where challenged the possibility of “Standing” due to the presence of strong and incessant winds. I covered my body and surroundings with bread as much as I could and tried to stand in the direction of the winds. I could only “stand” for a few hours. The wind crumbled all the breads in to the pieces and took it away and I fell down.

     The wind, the bread and “standing” in this performance are the symbols of the contemporary man and his worries for having more money or freedom and the Inconsistent wind is the symbol of these day’s dominant power.

Razieh Aarabi