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Chasb-e Razi (Razi Glue)

The second exhibition I held focusing on the pure design was Razi Glue Exhibition. The exhibition was untitled at the time, and was later called Razi Glue Exhibition by the audience and those who had seen the collection, as the main base of the collection was Glue, and as always the use of this material in my work was symbolic. The Glue was the reminiscent of “sticking.” Now the question is sticking to what or whom and why?

     A person is born with a white conscience and gradually finds himself dependent on or attached to a thought, a belief, a group, a person, and a social, political, cultural, or religious belief, through the personal and social development. And he is no longer able to live without these attachments.

     My main question was to ask if these attachments are good? Is there no need of distance? These ideas and questions led to the selection of glue as the most important material of this project.

     According to what was in my mind, this time I decided to keep the paper white and cover it with glue, and then start drawing. If you tore all the dried glue, you could reach the white paper, were there was no sign of the drawings; like the white conscience of a newborn man without any sing of dependence; completely free.

     On the other hand, as in the previous exhibitions and my belief in the presence and participation of the audience for completing the formation of a work, all floor surfaces of the gallery were first covered with large white papers and then glue was added on them. Just like the process of forming the wall hangings. There were glues and markers in the corners of the gallery and the audience could use them if he wanted.

     A short film was played on the gallery wall, showing hands trying to remove the glue from their skin, and on the contrary, hands trying to stick the glue to their skin.

Razieh Aarabi